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In May 2022, Leonard founded Skillties to build a community-driven Skill Management Solution. Shortly after, he got in contact with Sebastian, and surprisingly Sebastian had a similar idea for a skill management solution. However, Sebastian had even more ideas: he had been researching at the University Hagen AI and ontologies for the past six years to automatically connect learning content with skills. Both knew that they had the technology at their fingertips to build the first holistic Skill Management solution to bring HR and Corporate Learning closer to each other as it had never been before. They joined forces and received their first venture funding in November 2022.

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Management Team

co-founder of skillties

Leonard Zenouzi

Co-Founder & CEO
Leonard is the founder of Skillties. Previous to Skillties, he gained experience working in the SaaS industry, particularly in Employee Engagement and the HR/Edu Tech sphere.
co-founder of skillties

Sebastian Lothary

Co-Founder & CTO
Sebastian built the Skill Management at Deutsche Telekom and is an academic researcher in AI & Skill Management. Also, he is currently conducting a Ph.D. in Skill Management and AI.

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