Answers to the most frequently asked questions about Skillties.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have doubts? Here's everything we think you should know.

Do you support just IT-Skills?

No, Skillties works with all kinds of skills, from soft skills to hard skills used in the medical sector. There are no limits.

Are you GDPR compliant?

Yes, we are. You can check out our Privacy Policy at the bottom of the page. We also can sign a Data Protection Agreement (DPA) with you.

How long does it take until I see first reults?

The initial configuration takes less than 45 minutes and does not require deep technical knowledge. Afterwards, your line managers are in charge of creating the first ob profiles. Our AI supports them, and you can expect to see the first results within days.

Can everyone see the skills of my employees?

No, Skillties is built with privacy-in-design. We ensure that only users within your organization can see each other's skills. Also, when a user is not publishing a public skill, their name won't appear anywhere outside your organization. Additionally, Skillties comes with comprehensive Role-Right Management.

Why do you have a beta?

Developing a BusinessSolution like a Skill Management software with complex AI-Algorithms takes time. We hope to receive as much feedback as possible to fine tune the software accordingly during this time.

Is your beta for free?

Yes, and when the beta ends, a free version of the release software will be available. Aside from the public beta, we are also offering a beta program to help companies implement Skill Management according to their custom needs.

What is the exclusive beta program? 

The exclusive beta program is for companies that want to use the premium version of Skillties or have more feature requests. We develop a custom Skill Management version that fits requirements almost entirely.

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