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Skills Profiles

Build a skill-based organization through AI in no time.
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Skill Mapping

Know the skills of your employees.
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HR Analytics

Search Talents for internal Hiring and drive skills-based decisions.
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Curate learning paths for hundreds of employees skills-based automatically.

Create Skill Profiles in no-time

Map your employees' skills through smart workflows

Find the best talents internally

Close identified skill gaps

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Create skills profiles within minutes

Skillties isn't your average Skill Management Solution. Within minutes, it creates skill profiles that truly represent your company using AI and intelligent recommendations. Typically, this process might take months.
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Create job profiles within minutes

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Give your departments a tool to collaboratively build job profiles and develop a skills catalog that reflects your employees. You can even make use of shared job profiles by other companies.
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Learning Paths for every employee

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With Skillsties, you'll have access to a wide range of skills and a comprehensive variety of learning resources. You can even contribute your own learning initiatives. Based on this information, we tailor customized learning paths based on each employee's skill gaps, budget constraints, and individual learning preferences. This runs all automatically!
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Curate Learning Paths automatically

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Skillties automatically suggests your existing and new learning initiatives, e.g., your LMS or a seminar next door to your employee's based skills gaps. You can add new skills, and we suggest fitting learning content within seconds.

HR and Corporate Learning aligned

New Work goes Skills Profiles

Our AI recommendation helps you to create a job profile in no time by suggesting fitting skills. You can adapt a job profile anytime by adding new skills or changing the description. Innovative features like a change in history, inheritance or associated job profiles will make skill-based job profiles a reality in your organization.
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The most advanced skill library

Skillties goes beyond a mere list of skills, creating an interconnected network of skills through our custom AI, which analyzes millions of content sources, including your own internal learning materials. This unique approach sets Skillties apart from other solutions in the market and allows a variety of new use cases like smart recommendations.
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What's your skill level?

Let's face it: assessing employee skills can be a daunting task. No one enjoys logging into yet another application or using spreadsheets. That's why Skillties simplifies the process by sending bi-weekly surveys via email or MS Teams to each employee. These customized surveys focus solely on relevant skills, ensuring a streamlined and efficient progress tracking experience.
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Do you fit to this skills profile?

All your employees will be enrolled in skill profiles containing multiple required skills. Each employee will have clear transparency regarding their match level for their current and target profiles. Every employee will understand where they need to improve and will be provided with well-defined learning paths to help them achieve their objectives. You can even use the match levels to run an internal talent marketplace!
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Corporate Learning will love it!

Recommending appropriate learning initiatives is crucial, and that's where our powerful AI comes into play. First, we index all of your existing internal learning content and incorporate approved external learning sources. Next, we automatically match these resources with specific skills and proficiency levels. Consequently, we can generate personalized learning paths for each employee in mere seconds, ensuring an efficient and targeted learning experience.
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Who knows what?

Finding the ideal candidate for your next project is a breeze with Skillties. Simply set up an analytics dashboard to effortlessly identify the right person for the job based on their skills and expertise. You can even find whole teams!
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Works with the tools you love

... plus over 30 more integrations.

"Skillties is not your typical skill taxonomy, but a sophisticated skill ontology that links skills and learning data in a giant HR brain. What makes it special is that the brain grows and learns on its own!"

What industry experts say about us

"Skills-based development is key for individual and, above all, targeted development. Developing skills that are truly relevant and value-creating. Skillties is state of the art here!"

Thomas Perlitz

Principal, Allygatr
"Skill management is the central theme of our human resource development strategy. For edding, it is important not only to capture and evaluate skills but also to show our 800 employees worldwide the appropriate, individual learning initiatives to close any possible gaps. We are convinced that with the holistic, AI-supported software from Skillties, we will succeed in this transformation to a skills-based organization."

René Freyer

Director Human Relations & Organisational Development, Edding AG

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